Saturday, October 29, 2011

A visit to Natural Valley Ranch!

I love October! Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays because of the wonderful crisp, cool air of October! My sister was lucky enough to be born at the end of October so her birthday parties are always either Halloween themed, or fall themed in general. This year, she decided she wanted to have her party at Natural Valley Ranch, a horse farm and boarding facility in Brownsburg Indiana. They were hosting their Fall Family Fun Night tonight where the kids could ride the horses all they wanted, there were goats, ducks, chickens, and a Llama to pet, you could take a spooky hayride through the woods, and make a bonfire to cook your own hotdogs and eat at their picnic tables.

The kids couldn't wait to get on the horses of course so that's what we did first! They had several horses out in the arena of all colors and sizes with one of their workers leading each one. They also provided helmets for the children's safety.

The kids were having so much fun on the horses, we almost weren't able to get them off long enough to do or see anything else! LOL Once we got them away from the horses, we went to see the other animals! There was one little grey pony tethered to a round pen that the kids wanted to groom so they were all given brushes. That little pony was so patient with all those kids around! LOL Poor thing!

My Jaden especially liked the chickens and the duck! He was allowed to hold one of their Silky chickens and he was so proud of himself! Look at this grin!
Everyone was getting pretty hungry by this time so we all went to our picnic area to roast some hotdogs. We had an area with a firepit and a few picnic tables all to ourselves away from the other guests. After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday to my sister and had some cake. Then we headed back out to go on a hayride!
My niece M loves tractors so before we went on our hayride, she hopped up in the driver's seat!

When it got dark, we went on our hayride. It was pretty darn spooky! We went way out on a trail through the woods! I think my husband was more freaked out than the kids were! LOL Sorry honey! It wasn't a short ride either, we were gone about 20 minutes I'd say!

Once we returned to the ranch, it was time to go. Jaden wanted to know where the horses were, so I told him that they had gone to bed. He then wanted to see where they slept so we all went to the barn so Jaden could say goodnight. He went to each stall and asked what the horse's name was and said goodnight to each one calling them by name. It was very cute! 

We all had a lot of fun at Natural Valley Ranch! There was so much to see and do, it wore Jaden out. He fell fast asleep on the ride home.

If you'd like to plan a visit to Natural Valley Ranch, please visit their website to see everything they offer. 

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