Saturday, March 31, 2012

Enter to win a $25 Regal Cinemas Gift Card! *Easy Rafflecopter Entry!*

Bay Area Mommy is giving away a $25 Regal Cinemas gift card! Start planning that Date-Night!

Click here to find the nearest Regal Cinema in your area. The gift card
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Giveaway will accept entries until April 3. 18+, US only. Good luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Create an online business card! Join!

Connect all of your online networks on a personal page. It's your unique online business card, and if you join today you'll receive MOO business cards for free!

It was so easy to set up my page! I got my own personalized email, customized my home page, and linked it to my facebook, twitter and all my other networks! I can use it promote my business using my personal page. Come check out my page and create your own as well! 

Potty Covers-Review and #Giveaway! Something Moms can't live without!

I absolutely despise using pubic restrooms! I'll bet you didn't know that about me! I hate it even more now that I have a 4 year old that always seems to need to use the restroom in every store we stop at! I'd say about 75% of the time, the bathroom I encounter is fairly clean. It's the other 25% that can literally make me gag! Most of the time the toilet seat covers are either empty or not offered at all, and it is time consuming to try to cover the seat with toilet paper when you REALLY have to go! I've even tried to spray toilet seats down with antibacterial spray that I keep with me all the time! 

I recently got the chance to review Potty Covers-a disposable toilet seat cover for kids(although I've used them as well)! These things are the answer to my prayers! (Cue ethereal music as the heavens open!)  They are packaged small enough to fit a few in my purse, and easy to open and unfold so you're not stalled in a time of emergency! LOL The thing that impressed me more than anything is how much of the toilet these things cover! They go over the toilet seat of course, but they also go all the way to the floor in the front and about halfway down the sides as well! Jaden is still small enough that he has to hold on to the sides of the seat to keep from falling in, and that has always made me cringe when he was using a public restroom. Who knows what his hands were gripping!! These potty covers go all the way over the sides of the seat AND halfway down the side of the toilet! 

Where to buy: You can buy Potty Covers on Amazon.comEbay.comBed, Bath & Beyond, and buy, buy Baby. You can also visit to find stores by state to find them in your area!

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How to win Potty Covers: One lucky reader will win a pack of 6 potty covers just by filling out the Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Python Fall Printable Games Review!

I don't know about your family, but my family really enjoys having fun get-togethers! We are all lucky to live close enough to each other to make getting together often possible. And we don't have a party and just sit and stare at each other! We play games and tell funny stories and just generally have fun with our family! I am extremely lucky in that regard.

I am always looking for new things to do during holiday parties, like new  games and activities that involve holiday themes. So when I was approached to review Python's Fun Printable Games for Fall, I jumped at the chance!

I was provided with the ebook version of this activity book to look over. I was excited to see what it had to offer!

The book started out with Turning Leaves Fall Trivia. I looked over the questions and they are definitely more for the adults at the party. Very interesting information. I probably wouldn't use that section at one of my family parties though. It's more likely that I would sit and answer the questions while eating my Sunday breakfast. I like to do things like trivia and crossword puzzles at that time,

The next section was a variety of printable coloring pages. There are some fall pictures, some for Christmas, and even one or two for New Years! My son and his cousins would definitely enjoy doing some coloring pages at our family Christmas party!

Then I got to the table of contents for the Printable Party Games. There are 7 party games in the book. The printable answer sheets are first for the host, then the game pages for you to hand out to the party guests. These look like fun games to me! They will definitely exercise your brain! There are other trivia games and a game where you have to translate vanity license plates. Have you ever seen someone's license plate that said IHAF2P or something like that? Well, that's what the game is. They show you several plates and you have to make out what it's supposed to say. That one would fun if it was timed! Try to get them all done within say, 2 minutes? There's also a game where they give you the names of the children in sitcoms from the 70's, 80's and 90's. You have to name the sitcom they were on! It looks like fun as well!

The last section is a wide selection of printable invitations for whatever event you're hosting! There are invitations for Mardi Gras, a Hawaiian Luau, and a Halloween Party. It has 4 or 5 different variations of each event invitation. What a great idea to include! You print the invitations, the games for the adults, and the coloring pages for the kids and you have everything you need for a successful party! All you need is to set out the snacks and you're done!

This book sells for $14.95 and is only available to subscribers of the Python Printable Games newsletter. I checked out Python's website and they offer fun games for every season and holiday! Join their website and your parties will never have a dull moment!

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Want to Win a Coach Purse, Don't You???

I stumbled upon this giveaway this morning and, like every other time I see a Coach Purse giveaway, I jumped on it! I have wanted one for a very long time but I know the chances of winning these things are much like winning the lottery! I have had quite a bit of luck in winning a lot of the smaller giveaways though so I figure, what the heck! It only takes a minute or 2 of my time to enter! This is the Coach Purse I would win! It's worth $298!

This giveaway is a little different though. There's a second prize involved, and that's where you come in. They are giving away a $50 gift card to the person who gets the most referrals! There is a spot on the rafflecopter that asks, "Who referred you?" So, I'm asking all my loyal readers to take a chance and enter to win that Coach Purse and kindly enter my name as the referrer! Please enter Tammy Allgood-Hemmerling on the rafflecopter!

Just click this LINK to get to the giveaway page. It's an easy contest to enter, nothing fancy to do for it. Come on, you've got nothing to lose! And I could really use the $50! Thanks guys, and if you would leave a comment on this post if you did this I would appreciate it!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

$500.00, 15 prizes, 15 Winners, All Fashion, Only Fashion Related GIiveaway!

*Originally posted on "K Squared Glamour"! Contest ends on 3/7/2012 at midnight so head over there and get your entries in before then! Good luck from Lucky Emerald and please let them know you found the giveaway here!*

WELCOME to the semi-annual Fashionista Events, ALL FASHION, ONLY FASHION, Giveaway Event!!!! This is the Largest Fashion giveaway event on the web, with over 105  blogs participating. There is a total of over $20,000 in prizes between all of the blog! Hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS ( with co-hosts The Socialites Closet ( and Modly Chic (

For this event K Squared Glamour has 15 sponsors totaling over $500.00 in prizes!! Their will be 15 winners total for this event. I will draw the winners one by one and the first winner will select whatprize they want and so forth. GOOD LUCK to all! Don’t forget I will be posting sponsor spotlights reviews for each and every sponsor listed below this week so keep an eye out for those!
#1) $99-109 Pair of Miss me jeans sponsored by Langston’s (8 styles to choose from!)
#2) $50.00 Gift Certificate to House of Stilettos
#3) Monroe And Main Bustier, Blanco $49.95-$54.95 RV
#4) My Bridal Bling $25.00 GC
#5) My Baby Bling $25.00 GC
#10) Handful of Bobby Pins from K Squared Glamour
#11) Fumi Bracelet Purse Hook $14.95- $24.95 RV
#13) Pink Princess $15.00 GC
#15) Socks4Life $25.00 GC
Good luck dear readers! And make sure you let them know I sent you!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mommy and Daddy's Date Night!

This past Christmas my mom and dad bought Jesse and I the best gift we could have gotten! 2 tickets to the Cirque Du Soleil  Michael Jackson's Immortal World Tour show!!! We had to wait 2 months for the date of the show to get here, but last Saturday night, it finally arrived!

We dropped Jaden off at my mom and dad's house (my other gift was a babysitter for the night! Woohoo!) and headed to downtown Indy. We checked into our hotel, The Canterbury Hotel.  Here are some pictures of our Junior Suite!

We got settled in the room and washed up a little and then headed across the street for our 5:30 reservations at Mikado Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. The decor there was beautiful! They had groupings of tables inside beautiful Japanese pagodas built inside the restaurant! Here is what we ate...

We had Beef Rolls for our appetizers.

The sushi on the left is called Tiger Eye. It had crab and something really spicy in it! Jesse loved it but it was too spicy for me! The sushi on the left was shrimp maki rolls wrapped in seaweed. Much more my taste!

Jesse and I both ordered this Bento box. It was HUGE! Starting at the top left and going clockwise, teriyaki chicken, salmon, boneless pork, organic greens with ginger dressing, rice, japanese potato salad and in the center is scallops! Everything tasted amazing but we had to get take-out boxes for our leftovers! 

After dinner, we took a 2 block walk to Bankerslife Fieldhouse to see the show. My mom had printed our tickets off her computer so I went to the ticket counter to see if we needed to trade those paper tickets for real tickets. The lady looked at our tickets and said, "I think these tickets qualify for an upgrade." She went to check and came back with printed tickets. Originally we had "nose bleed" seats, but after this upgrade we ended up in the first row off the floor!!! They were AMAZING seats! I still have no idea why we were moved up so close, but I don't really care why! LOL Here are a few pictures from this amazing show...

This was during the song "Childhood".

From the song "Smooth Criminal".

  Dancing to "Beat It".

After the show, we went back to the room and got some sleep. In the morning we had some breakfast provided by the hotel and then walked over to Starbucks for a White Chocolate Mocha. Then we walked over to Circle Center Mall and did some shopping. 

All in all, it was a FABULOUS weekend! I want to thank my mom and dad for helping to make it all happen! Our Mommy and Daddy date night was a total success! Can't wait to do it all again!

Do you and your spouse do "date night"? What kinds of things do you do?


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why you should stop yelling at your children.

This is a post I found on another blog and I found to be so true and helpful that I just had to repost it! It was originally posted at Clever Father. It's a blog for fathers, written by a father. He has a lot of interesting posts there so go check it out sometime! Here's what he said.
"I have a deep voice that gets loud while in hulk smash mode. A couple weeks ago CleverMom was trying to grab hold of Little Miss so she could put on her pajamas. Little Miss refused to listen and ran around like a lunatic. Finally I snapped. I stood up, put on my mean face and yelled.
yelling at your children 300x225 Why You Should Stop Yelling at Your Children“Knock it off, RIGHT NOW!
Little Miss jumped out of her skin and crumbled to the floor as if my words smacked her in the face. She cried “Daddy scared me.” and my heart was instantly shattered. How could I do that to my little girl? Did I really accomplish anything besides scaring the shit out her?

Yelling teaches kids to yell back

How many times have you yelled at your kids to stop yelling? I’m guilty of this. Seems silly when you think about it. Kids learn by example. If they see you yelling in an attempt to get what you want, they will do it too. Monkey see, monkey do.

They won’t take you seriously until you raise your voice

Eventually your loin fruit are going to tune out any demands that are not repeated a thousand times and above a certain decibel level. Unless it’s something fun or benefits them, then suddenly they are able to hear a slight whisper from across the house.
Constant yelling will turn you into Charlie Brown’s teacher. A pair of legs, wearing a dress and… waa… waa… waa… wa…

yelling at your kids 300x225 Why You Should Stop Yelling at Your ChildrenYelling kills the chance for conversation

Being married to a pregnant woman, I’ve been yelled at a lot. If you’ve ever loaded the dishwasher incorrectly, forgot the separate the laundry, bought the wrong oranges, then you’ve been there with me. It’s not fun.
As a parent, we should be opening the lines of communication, and encourage our kids to use big boy, or big girl worlds. Yelling at your child turns the conversation completely one sided. Give ‘em a chance to explain themselves. Sometimes their reasoning is justifiable, or at the very least, so stupid that it’s hilarious.

Constant Yelling Ruins the Effectiveness

Sometimes yelling is necessary. If for example, your son or daughter is about wander onto a busy road or towards a gaggle of geese (Who are assholes by the way!). That would be an acceptable reason to yell at your little loin fruit.
Constant yelling wears of the effectiveness. If you’re always screaming about picking up toys, or brushing teeth, there will be no shock value left when you really need it."

I really hope you found this post as great and informative as I did! All of my mom readers, feel free to share this with your husband, brother or other father figure in your child's life!