Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why you should stop yelling at your children.

This is a post I found on another blog and I found to be so true and helpful that I just had to repost it! It was originally posted at Clever Father. It's a blog for fathers, written by a father. He has a lot of interesting posts there so go check it out sometime! Here's what he said.
"I have a deep voice that gets loud while in hulk smash mode. A couple weeks ago CleverMom was trying to grab hold of Little Miss so she could put on her pajamas. Little Miss refused to listen and ran around like a lunatic. Finally I snapped. I stood up, put on my mean face and yelled.
yelling at your children 300x225 Why You Should Stop Yelling at Your Children“Knock it off, RIGHT NOW!
Little Miss jumped out of her skin and crumbled to the floor as if my words smacked her in the face. She cried “Daddy scared me.” and my heart was instantly shattered. How could I do that to my little girl? Did I really accomplish anything besides scaring the shit out her?

Yelling teaches kids to yell back

How many times have you yelled at your kids to stop yelling? I’m guilty of this. Seems silly when you think about it. Kids learn by example. If they see you yelling in an attempt to get what you want, they will do it too. Monkey see, monkey do.

They won’t take you seriously until you raise your voice

Eventually your loin fruit are going to tune out any demands that are not repeated a thousand times and above a certain decibel level. Unless it’s something fun or benefits them, then suddenly they are able to hear a slight whisper from across the house.
Constant yelling will turn you into Charlie Brown’s teacher. A pair of legs, wearing a dress and… waa… waa… waa… wa…

yelling at your kids 300x225 Why You Should Stop Yelling at Your ChildrenYelling kills the chance for conversation

Being married to a pregnant woman, I’ve been yelled at a lot. If you’ve ever loaded the dishwasher incorrectly, forgot the separate the laundry, bought the wrong oranges, then you’ve been there with me. It’s not fun.
As a parent, we should be opening the lines of communication, and encourage our kids to use big boy, or big girl worlds. Yelling at your child turns the conversation completely one sided. Give ‘em a chance to explain themselves. Sometimes their reasoning is justifiable, or at the very least, so stupid that it’s hilarious.

Constant Yelling Ruins the Effectiveness

Sometimes yelling is necessary. If for example, your son or daughter is about wander onto a busy road or towards a gaggle of geese (Who are assholes by the way!). That would be an acceptable reason to yell at your little loin fruit.
Constant yelling wears of the effectiveness. If you’re always screaming about picking up toys, or brushing teeth, there will be no shock value left when you really need it."

I really hope you found this post as great and informative as I did! All of my mom readers, feel free to share this with your husband, brother or other father figure in your child's life!


  1. Great Post! Really loved it. I'm your newest GFC Follower, I already follow via Linky Followers. Thanks for stopping by Mommy Who Loves Giveaways! :)

  2. Great post... I grew up in a house full of yellers. Even when we weren't angry, we were always loud. Trying to break the habit because of all the things in this post. And because it drives my husband crazy hahah.

  3. I usually yell because they cannot hear me over their noise.
    I usually yell when I need to yell and because a situation warrants a good scream.
    They have never crumbled and a little fear, rather a whole lot of fear of a parent goes a long way. Fear that they will get yelled at, fear that if they mess up they will get in trouble, fear that if they mess up that there are consequences.
    Yelling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week doesn't make any sense.I agree. Yelling when it's warranted, gets attention and gets a point across.
    If that doesn't work, then that look moms have also works.