Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introducing: Kid's Craft Tuedays!

Every Tuesday, I will be featuring a new kid's craft here on my blog! They will be easy and inexpensive, and will be for kids of any age! If I find a craft project that is primarily for older children, I will include a project for the little ones as well!

Today, we will be making:
Easy Pretzel Bird Feeders

Photo courtesy of busybeekidscrafts.com
You will need:
Large Pretzel
Peanut Butter (and something to spread it with!)
Sunflower Nuts or seeds
Paper Plate

Here's how you make it: (directions courtesy of http://www.busybeekidscrafts.com)

1. Cover your pretzel with peanut butter.

2. Pour the sunflower nuts or seeds onto the paper plate and press both sides of the pretzel onto the seeds so that they stick to the peanut butter all over the pretzel.

3. Thread the yarn through one of the holes in the pretzel and hang it from your favorite tree.

If you'd like to make 2 or more of these, you can separate them by stringing Cheerio's onto the yarn!

Craft project for ages 2 and up!

And now for the older kids:
Easy Water Bottle Bird Feeder
Photo courtesy of  http://www.bird-feeder-plans.org 

You will need:
Clear plastic bottle (water bottle or a 2 liter soda bottle works well too!)
2 Wooden spoons
Plastic container slightly larger than the bottle
Wire or string
Utility knife
Bird Seed

Here's how you make it: (Instructions courtesy of  http://www.bird-feeder-plans.org)

1. Cut a hole about 1/4 of the way up the bottle. Make sure the hole is just big enough for the wooden spoon handle to fit in.

2. Make another hole directly opposite the first hole (on the other side) about the size of a nickel.

3. Turn the bottle 90 degrees and  about 1/2 way up the bottle repeat steps 1 and 2 making a small hole on one side and a nickel sized hole on the other.

4. Into these holes, insert your perches (the wooden spoons), The handles should be put into the nickel size hole and come out the small hole on the other side. This should leave the spoon end hanging out of the nickel sized hole.

5, Using the utility knife, make 2 small holes at the top of the bottle. Feed your wire or  string through the 2 holes for your hanger.

6. Using a funnel, pour your choice of bird seed into the bottle.

7. Hang your feeder off the ground but make sure it's accessible so you can refill it later. 

8. Enjoy watching the birds! Experiment with different types of bird seed to attract different types of birds!

Hope to see you next Tuesday for our next Kid's Craft Tuesday!

Until next time,


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Headline T-shirt Giveaway! WW Ends 8/13

When I was in high school, I was known for wearing t-shirts with funny sayings on the front of them! Yeah, I know, what a thing to be known for! LOL While others were Most Likely to Succeed or Most Popular, I was the one who was Most Likely to wear a shirt that would make you pee your pants! The giveaway below is right up my alley!  Since this is a family friendly blog:

Be Advised: Some of the t-shirts are not suitable for persons under 18!

This Giveaway is done by SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways

The Usual Suspects T-Shirt
OK, Mrs. Johnson, I know you've been through a lot today, but right now I need you to be brave for me. I want you to look through this window. Now, tell me: Do you see the -- uh -- "man" who broke into your kitchen?

Nothing? Maybe we can jog your memory. Do you remember any strange behavior? Like -- oh I don't know -- maybe he was riding a skateboard and speaking in rhymes? Or maybe he was looking for the great taste of cookies and milk? Or maybe he was bouncing on a pogo stick looking for pizzas to crush?

What's that? Hmmm. And you're certain it was a "robble robble" noise? That's all we need to hear.

Number 3, step forward! The rest of you are free to go.
Ordering from HeadLine Shirts was very fun and easy to do. I was on the site for over an hour trying to deiced what shirt I wanted. I found a few but they were out of the size I wanted so I finally settled on the above shirt The Usual Suspects. My husband loves the shirt and our friends like it too. My son didn't get the shirt and it made me feel old. Wait did I just say that? When did the tables turn and I am the old person lol. You will be busy checking out the selection of shirts they have.
Now for the giveaway: One lucky person will win a code for a free Shirt of choice. Some of the T Shirts are not suitable for persons under 18. This is open to US & World Wide and ends 8/13/12 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, simply do the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget below and you're set to have a chance to win! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This giveaway was originally posted on another blog. Lucky Emerald's Reviews is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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Apply for the 1st Annual Mommy Blogger $1000 Scholarship!

Assistance for single mothers

Are you a Mommy blogger, or would you like to be? 

Do you need money to start a blog or improve your current one?

Click the link below to apply for a $1000 scholarship for your blog! 

Good luck Lucky Emerald's Readers!

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No Fee Blogger Sign Up~ Diamond Cash Event

Hello Lucky Emerald's Readers! This is a new free blogger opp that I came across and thought I would post for you! If your facebook or twitter need some promoting, sign up for this!

The Diamond Cash Event hosted by Mom Powered Media

Prizes: Soylicious Full Size Melters + Melter Gems and $100 Visa Gift Card

The event dates: 8/8 - 8/22

Sign-Up Here - Bloggers Wanted

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Newest Cash Giveaway from Contest Chest!

Win a Kitty a Go-Go! (For Cats Who Believe "Going" in Style!) US Ends 8/12 Daily

Welcome to the Kitty a Go-Go giveaway event! I've recently noticed that I don't have anything on my blog for you animal lovers out there! I am an animal lover myself so I wanted to be sure to post reviews and giveaways geared towards pet owners. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 39% of American's own at least one dog and 35% of American's own at least one cat! So this is for that 35%! Good luck dear Lucky Emerald's Readers! Make sure you let me know if you win this one!

This Giveaway is done by SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways

For cats who believe in going in style...
  • Pullout litter tray drawer for easy cleanup
  • High quality, high impact stain-resistant plastic
  • Large capacity litter tray
  • Replaceable liner included
  • Built-in ventilation slots
  • No disassembly required to clean litter tray
  • Cleans in just seconds
  • Built-in sifter rake basket
  • Hand scoop storage
  • Portable with convenient grab handle

I was able to have another review for the cats. I had been talking to my mom and she was saying she wanted a litter box that would like nice and not look bulky. When I got the Kitty A Go Go I knew this was perfect for her. I surprised her one night by bring this over to her. My mom's cat Taz was all about the box.
Taz played in the shipping and the Kitty A Go Go box all night lol. After we got the Kitty A Go Go out and set up all of my mom's cats were checking it out. They weren't afraid of it at all. My mom loved the wood grain look of the Kitty A Go Go and it matches her basement decor. Just by glancing at the Kitty A Go Go you wouldn't think of it as a litter box. My mom's cats after 2 weeks still love using the Kitty A Go Go more than their other litter boxes and my step dad said it is very easy to clean.
  Taz is a big cat and has no problem fitting into the Kitty A Go Go as you can see.

Now for the giveaway: One lucky person will win a Kitty A Go Go. This is open to US and ends 8/12/12 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, simply do the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget below and you're set to have a chance to win!
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Lucky Emerald's Reviews is not responsible for prize fulfillment!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Attention Moms: Get a $15,000 Grant from Huggies.com for new innovative ideas!

Huggies MomInspired Grant
Share this with a Mom today!

This is from an email I received today from Huggies.com and I thought I would share this opportunity with all the other Moms out there!

mominspired logo

As a mother and entrepreneur, I realize how helpful support is when starting a business. I have partnered with Huggies® to help support budding entrepreneurs looking to explore and grow their own unique baby or child care product ideas.

Huggies recognizes that there is a dynamic and talented community of moms who strive to make life as a parent easier and more enjoyable every day.  Now in its third year, the Huggies® MomInspired™ grant program celebrates the natural creativity of moms, who solve real parenting challenges every day in innovative ways.  
  • Grant recipients will receive $15,000 in seed capital as well as business resources to help turn innovative ideas into real-life inventions.
  • Applications for the 2012 Huggies MomInspired grant program are currently being accepted through July 31, 2012.
  • Moms can learn more and submit original, innovative and viable new business and product ideas now at HuggiesMomInspired.com.
  • Grants will be announced and awarded in fall 2012.   
By visiting the website www.HuggiesMomInspired.com you can also read about the stories of past grant recipients and their product ideas.

The Huggies MomInspired grant is too valuable to keep to ourselves! We hope you'll take the time to share this opportunity with your blog readers and followers, many of who may be seeking additional funding for their product idea or business startup.

Further, for taking the time to share the Huggies MomsInspired grant and possibly even your own personal entrepreneurial story, we will award (5) gift cards valued at $250, along with products from past recipients. Winners will be randomly selected. Please remember to blog, tweet or post on Facebook and forward all links to Valika@bsmmedia.com to be entered to win.

Previous grant recipients have developed products such as:
  • Nausea relief band to ease pregnancy symptoms
  • Magnetic baby clothing for easy diaper changes
  • Sleep coaching  
Find out more information about the Huggies MomInspired grant program, past recipients andsubmit innovative ideas, please visit HuggiesMominspired.com 

Warm Regards,
Maria Bailey and Huggies®

Good luck to any of you who decide to apply for this grant! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for someone who has a great idea but no clue how to make it happen! Let me know if you submit and idea and how it turns out!

Until next time,


Saint Germain Fab Make-up Giveaway-Blogger Sign-up!

Good morning all you fabulous Lucky Emerald's readers! I have found you a great new blogger event today for a Saint Germain Make-up Giveaway! Get signed up today!
This event is hosted by Diva Fabulosa and Jenn's Blah Blah Blog! It will run from August 1 to September 1, 2012 and will have 20 winners! Each winner will receive a cosmetic bag with some seriously awesome content! The combined value of the prize is $450! Event will be open to the residents of the US and Canada! 

You can find more details and the sign-up for this event HERE! Please let them know Lucky Emerald's Review sent you! Thanks so much and have a great week!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Just What I Want Sweepstakes! WW 8/19

This giveaway is so you can get "Just What you Want!" There are several prizes available and several more that will be added before the start of the giveaway so this one is worth it to enter! Good luck Lucky Emerald's readers! Let me know if you win this one!

            Freebies Galore And Giveaways Too! , ADA'S 2 CENTS and some awesome Bloggers have come together to bring you this awesome giveaway!       A few terrific Sponsors providing some terrific prizes!  We are giving away a case of  popcorn from the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company , a $25 Gift Card for  Restrautrants.com , 2 $10 Gift Cards to Lowe's, a $ 10 Gift Card to Barnes and Noble,  a box of Children's oxylent, a supply of(1 2 oz. bottle) of  ALGAE OMEGA.  Both of these are fromNordic Naturals, 2 coupons for Free snacks from Snikiddy , and a few others that will be added by the start of the giveaway  The giveaway will run from 7/28 at 9 P.M. to 8/19 at 9P.M. This event is open WORLDWIDE      For this giveaway, you will be entering by way of Giveaway Tools.  It is super easy and cheat proof. Please wait for the widget to load and if you are having problems, try refreshing the page.   Just follow the steps below and GOOD LUCK!
Javascript must be enabled to enter this giveaway. Learn how to activate Javascript by clicking here.
loading Loading Entry-Form
~Disclosure- The Terms and Conditions apply.They are listed on the widget.  Lucky Emerald's Reviews is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Stay At Home Mom! (If you value your life!)

Top 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Stay At Home Mom!
(If you value your life!)

1. Why are you so tired?

Well, let's see here! After waking up at the butt-crack of dawn with the early risers, wrangling wiggly kids into their clothing, making meals, doing the laundry, dishes, and general housekeeping, running the errands, doing the discipline, running the kids to all their activities, and then not being able to go to bed until after everyone else in the house, I'm sure you would be completely refreshed and ready to run a marathon too huh?

2. It must be great not having to work!

Not having to work? My job is 24/7, even on holidays, weekends, and when I'm deathly ill! There are no sick days for moms!

3. When the kids go to school, will you get a real job?

The only difference between what I do now and a "real job" is I would get time off in a "real job"! But then, once I got off work, I would just have to come home and work the second job! Only the boss would change really. Here at home, my boss is Jaden!

4. What do you do with all that free-time?

It would be a shorter list to tell you what I don't do! I don't sit down to eat meals, I don't get to use the bathroom alone. Actually, I don't even get a moment alone without the "Mommy, will you do this" monster on my heels! I chauffeur, cook, clean, pick up toys, bathe kids, read stories, kiss boo-boos and all the other things that need to be done. And tomorrow, it will start all over again!

5. You haven't showered in how long?

I would give anything to have the time and opportunity to take a daily shower, shave my legs, pamper myself with a facial mask, and fix my hair! When the kids are running around the house and your husband is at work all day, when exactly is there time to do all this? Once the kids are in bed, that's exactly where you want to be!

6. Since you're home all day, your house should be super clean!

When Jaden was younger, I used to run behind him and clean up his toys as he got them out. It didn't take me long to realize that I was wasting my precious time and energy! As soon as I would put them away, he'd run right behind me and get them out again! It was like a vicious circle! I was running behind him and he would somehow make it around behind me! Messes are inevitable when you have children. Just accept it and move on! I don't live in a museum!

7. Don't you cook big homemade meals every night?

After running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day long, that's exactly what I want to do! Slave over a stove cooking things from scratch and making sure there is a meat and 2 veg every night! My family is lucky if their meal isn't microwaved most nights!

8. It must be nice to sit and watch TV all day!

You mean there is more on TV than cartoons? I wasn't aware of that!

9. I'd get so bored being a stay at home mom!

It is anything but boring around here! I would pay someone quite a bit of money to have a boring day! Just when I think there is going to be a little down time, Jaden is dumping applesauce on his head or flushing a toothbrush down the toilet! 

10. It must be nice to sleep in every morning!

I am most likely up before you every morning! My son is an early riser, usually up between 5 and 6am. Then I have to fix some breakfast, wrangle him into some clothes, get myself dressed, and start my day. Plus, it's the same thing on the weekends! Sleeping in to me is 7am!

I hope you get the picture! Don't say these things to a stay at home mom without covering up the parts of your body that you don't want kicked!  Now don't get me wrong. I love my job as a stay at home mom, but there are days I would gladly switch with you! Then, while you're walking a day in my shoes, enjoy the callouses and blisters!

Until next time,


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amazing New Contest from Contest Chest! Check It Out!

This is a brand new program from Contest Chest that will offer a new amazing prize each week! Lucky Emerald's Reviews will be posting the newest contest each week so make sure you follow me, bookmark me, whatever you need to do to come back for each week's contest!

Good Luck!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Enter to win a 16x20 Canvas Print! Ends 7/24

If you are a photo nut like I am, you'll love this giveaway! Don't forget to let them know where you found this!
Good Luck!

 This Giveaway is done by SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways
Turn your photos to canvas with Easy Canvas Prints. Our photos on canvas are great for decorating your home or office, and perfect as photo gifts! With our easy to use canvas prints designer, you can turn your very own image into a stunning work of art on canvas! Our canvas prints are printed and stretched in-house by our canvas professionals, and come ready to hang or display with a classic semi-gloss finish. Just choose your canvas size and wrap thickness, upload your pictures or art, and choose your border for a personalized canvas print of your own. We can't wait for you to see the quality of our canvas pictures! The same people also have a great sign site.
 I love taking pictures and I am always looking for ways to display them. I found using Easy Canvas was very easy and fun. I had a hard time deciding what picture to choose and after going through a few I decided on my Peonies since I am only able to enjoy them for a week while they are in bloom. Now I can enjoy them year round. I have ordered canvas prints before and I have to say this is the best quality by far. Every thing was done so perfect on the picture. I am very happy with the out come of my picture and will definitely order more. 
Now for the giveaway: One lucky person will win a 16x20 Canvas. This is open to US *excluding Hawaii and Alaska and ends 7/24/12 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, simply do the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget below and you're set to have a chance to win! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Funbites Review & Giveaway! US only Ends 7/25

Do you have a picky eater in your household?  Are you constantly trying to think of ways to get your child(ren) to eat different, healthy foods and coming up blank? I have a great idea for you! It's called Funbites! Funbites is an awesome kitchen tool that cuts your child's food up into fun, bite-sized pieces! It's an easy way to make food more fun and make even the pickiest eater want to eat new, healthy foods! Funbites come in 2 different varieties. Cube It, which cuts the food into small cubes, and Luv It, which cuts food into bite-sized hearts! For my review, I chose the Luv It variety. Here is what Funbites looks like:
It is actually 2 pieces! The middle piece pulls out and you cut the food with the bottom part. Then you use the middle insert to push the food out of the bottom piece.
The instructions I received with the unit stated as follows:

Step 1: Place Funbites cutter on top of food. Remove popper top and place to the side.
Step 2: Grab handles on both sides of the cutter. Press down, and firmly rock back & forth 5-6 times to cut all the way through the food. Press hard; Funbites can take it!
Step 3: Insert popper top. Lift cutter up from the food and push down popper to pop out fun-shaped bite-sized pieces.
Step 4: Time to clean up! Prefer hand wash or dishwasher safe.

Jaden and I used the Funbites cutter on some watermelon and his peanut butter & jelly sandwich yesterday and I went to take a picture of the food, but my batteries were dead on my camera! It just figures! LOL So the pictures below are from the Funbites website.

There are a ton of really cute things you can do with the Funbites cutter! It's all up to your imagination!  I like that it's dishwasher safe and 100% Made in the USA! It's also BPA free! 

Safety instructions: Make sure you wash the unit thoroughly before using. Funbites has a functional blade so it's intended for adult use. Use caution when using and washing the unit. Small food bites may be a choking hazard for children under 3!

Buy it: To purchase your own Funbites, visit Funbites.com! Each unit is $12.99, you can get both the Cube It and Luv It for $22.00! To keep up on all the news from Funbites, please visit their Facebook page and click "like"!

Win it: The kind people at Funbites are offering a Lucky Emerald's reader their choice of either the Cube It or the Luv It! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win! 

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the sponsor. Opinions expressed are totally
 my own and are NOT in anyway influenced by monetary compensation.

Until next time...


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Devany's Designs Etsy Store Review and Product Giveaway! US Only-Ends 7/22!

Devany's Designs Etsy Store is a store that is dedicated to party supplies! They specialize in banners of all sizes, shapes and themes! They also carry invitations, cake and cupcake toppers, party hats to match the banners, and party games! I was given the opportunity to review a banner of my choice so since Jaden's 5th birthday party is coming up, I ordered the Cars banner! Shipping was really quick! From the time I ordered it to the time it got here, was less than a week! Here's what it looked like when it got here:

Originally, the banner was in a large yellow padded envelope and it was packaged in a plastic bag tied with a ribbon. I immediately took it out and hung the banner up to see what it looked like! Here's a few pictures of this awesome banner! 

The banner is about 8 foot long total, but from the beginning of the Happy to the end of Birthday is about 6 feet. The letters and Lightening McQueen are hung on black ribbon allowing the letters to be moved along the ribbon if you wanted the letters to be closer together or further apart. The quality of the letters is great! They are made of a thick paper and are laminated.

I was very pleased with my experience with Devany's Designs. I will definitely visit the store again when I need other party supplies!

Buy it: If you'd like to purchase a banner or other party supplies, please visit Devany Designs Etsy Store. You can also visit them at their Facebook Page or at Devany's Designs Blog. You can follow them on their Pinterest Page as well! 

Win it:  Devany's Designs would like to offer a Lucky Emerald's Reader a $20 credit to their Etsy store! Enjoy free shipping, unless you order any of the cupcake toppers. If you want the cupcake toppers, you MUST pay the shipping yourself. You can use the credit for a free item up to $20. If your order is over $20, you must pay the difference. 

It's easy to win! Just fill out the rafflecopter below! Enter as many or as few of the tasks as you'd like! The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to WIN!

Disclaimer: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the sponsor. Opinions expressed are totally
 my own and are NOT in anyway influenced by monetary compensation.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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