Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spooky Story Time at the Public Library!

This morning, Jaden went to Spooky Story Time at our local public library. I had signed him up for it about a week ago. At 10:00am we joined about 10 other children in the art room at the library. There were 2 ladies running the group, Ms. Peggy and Ms. Lori. The children put on paint smocks and sat down to do a craft. They had a small paper plate, some orange paint, a paint brush, and several construction paper cutout pieces. They were making Jack-O-Lanterns.

Once the children finished their Jack-O-Lanterns, they could go play with toys on the storytime mat.

While the children were playing, Ms. Lori made some homemade playdough in an electric skillet. After it cooled, she put a ball of it at each child's place at the table. There were small rolling pins and Halloween themed cookie cutters on each table.

Then the children were called to the storytime mat for some reading time. Ms. Peggy read aloud 3 different books. Pumpkiin Jack, Five Little Pumpkins, and The Hallo-Weener. The children were all captivated by the way Ms. Peggy was so energetic, using different voices for different characters and asking questions about the pictures in the story. 

After storytime, it was snack time! Jaden's favorite part! LOL They were having cupcakes and orange colored lemonade. The cupcakes were premade but the children were able to ice their own and add sprinkles! 

Spooky story time lasted a little over an hour, but it seemed longer since they did so many activities! It wasn't rushed though, just very organized and well thought out. Jaden had a lot of fun and definitely wants to go back for November's story times. I was able to sign him up while we were at the library. They have 3 dates set up for November and I signed Jaden up for all 3!  

Here's a very happy Jaden with his Jack-O-Lantern he made and his playdough they let him bring home! If you have children, please check with your local library to see if they have similar children's programs. I think these programs are so beneficial and help instill a love of reading in children. I know Jaden loves me to read to him. I read him a bedtime story every night and most days, I read to him 2 or 3 times during the day! We visit the library at least once a week to check out new books and return the old ones. I got Jaden his own library card last year and he is so proud of it! Having that card also makes him want to get involved at the library.  It's such a cheap and easy way to get your child interested in reading! If you other moms are anything like me, you really like the educational aspect while your child is just having fun! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope everyone gets involved in library events! It may just be in my genes since my mom is an elementary school librarian! LOL  Until next time...



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