Thursday, August 2, 2012

Win Coach Gift Cards from Coach Color Tag!

 Coach is giving away gift cards - a lot of them! Check back on this Color Tag often to see if you're a winner - prizes will be given out at random! You'll see if you won or not when the color goes to the dot! Check back often and share with your friends using the buttons! Just click on the colored box above to see what's under the colored dot! There might be one of the following prizes! You can come back daily to check for a prize so make sure you bookmark this page! They are hiding prizes across the blogs that are participating so you never know which blogs have a prize on them from day to day! Once you've revealed the dot, click the </> button to pick your color to put on your blog! Yours might be the winner!


SIX (6) INSTANT WIN GAME GRAND PRIZES: A $500 Coach gift card. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $500 USD.

FOURTEEN (14) INSTANT WIN GAME FIRST PRIZES: A $250 Coach gift card. ARV: $250 USD. 

NINETY (90) INSTANT WIN GAME SECOND PRIZES: A $100 Coach gift card. ARV: $100 USD.

Disclaimer: Lucky Emerald's Reviews is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Good Luck!
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  1. I didn't win on your site either...bummer! :)

  2. Thanks for passing along my color Tammy! I just pinned yours. I didn't win on yours but please try again on mine!