Thursday, June 28, 2012

Contest Chest-A place to enter 100's of giveaways all in one place!

Contest Chest is the place where you can find contests to enter and keep all your entries organized! At any one time, you can find 100's of giveaways to enter that will fit your needs and wants! All of the giveaways are added by bloggers and individuals and they are organized by end date so you can enter all the ones that end the soonest! You can add all of your giveaways from your blog and it will get plenty of traffic! If there is a contest and the prize doesn't interest you, there is a place you can click "not interested" and Contest Chest will remember that and only show you contests with prizes that WILL interest you! Also, once you sign up, Contest Chest will assign a referrer link to you. If you post it on your blog or website and other people join through your link, you are entered to win $200 from Contest Chest! You can also win $100 just by adding contests! There are so many ways to win on this site, it's amazing! I have won several contests on the site over the last 3 months so I know it's possible. I absolutely love Contest Chest and I know you will too! If you like to join, please click any of the blue lettered links in this post or just click HERE and it will take you directly to the sign-up page! It's easy and free to join!

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