Wednesday, May 9, 2012

100% Soy Jar Candles from We Make Scents Candle Co!

I am and have always been a HUGE candle lover! It's almost bordering on an obsession really! Anywhere I went, if I saw there were candles for sale, I would have to buy at least one of them. I've burned candles from literally hundreds of companies and after awhile, I started to learn what I liked and what I didn't like about certain candles. I learned that I didn't like paraffin wax because it burned too fast and didn't hold enough scent. I learned that certain types of wicks burned a hole straight down the center of the candle and didn't burn the outside edges. I also learned which candles would produce black smoke when it was blown out. So I took what I learned about each candle to create my own line of candles that burned exactly how I wanted them to! My family, friends, and I liked them so much, I decided to share them with others and open my own business selling the candles that I love so much!

Introducing, We Make Scents Candle Co! All the magic happens in my kitchen on my stove with love! I use 100% Soy wax so each half-pint candle will burn for 80+ hours and holds enough scent to travel from room to room. I also use lead-free wicks that are the perfect size for the jars, allowing the candle to burn evenly. Not just a hole down the center of the candle. I put 2 ounces of scent in each candle, which is at least twice the amount of scent in most candles on the market! You will definitely be able to smell these candles!

A few of my candles!

As you can see in the photo above, I also make scented tealights and wax tarts for tart warmers! Each tart and tealight is approximately 2 ounces of wax and is scented just as much as the full-sized candles. Each tealight will burn for about 2 hours and each tart can be melted in your warmer at least 4 times before losing scent. 

How to get your own We Make Scents candles:
Full-sized half-pint Jar candles sell for $6 each.
Tealights sell for $4 for 4
Wax tarts sell for $4 for 4. You can mix and match scents on both tealights and tarts!

Special offer for May: If you buy 5 candles, you get your 6th for FREE!

Go to my facebook page at for all the current news and scent lists! You can place orders there by leaving a comment! You may also email me at with any questions or to place an order!

Here are a few of the scents I have right now:

Clean Cotton
Love Spell
Orange Dreamsicle


Very Vanilla
Pecan Pie
Hot Baked Apple Pie

Dragon's Blood

 I also have Cinnamon Bun, English Garden, Apple Harvest, Gingerbread, Sweet Pea, Black Cherry, and Cucumber Melon!

Here's what one of my regular customers had to say:

I have been a customer of "We Make Scents" since the very beginning, and I have bought candles from Tammy before that, I was very excited when she started making them again. During her candle making break I tried candles/tarts from Walmart and Scentsy, and neither of them were at all as good as I used to buy from Tammy! The Wax she uses isn't paraffin like theirs, so there's no residue when they melt, and the scent lasted so much longer, not to mention her great prices! I can't wait until I run out so I can buy more!  Kelli L.

Thanks for reading about We Make Scents Candle Co. and I hope you'll become a customer soon! 

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  1. The Hot Baked Apple Pie, Cinnamon Bun, and Apple Harvest sound amazing. I'm a sucker for any candle that's Apple or Cinnamon Scented. Do you have anything Blueberry? My sister has a candle that's Blueberry Cobbler and it smells amazing if you're right by it but it doesn't travel much further than that.