Monday, February 6, 2012

Introducing: "We Make Scents" Candle Co!!!

About 6 or 7 years ago, my cousin Melody and I started up a candle company because we both enjoyed making great smelling candles and we thought we could make some extra cash while we were at it! It started out kind of slow, just selling our candles a few at a time to friends and family. But then, we started selling at crafts shows and getting our business cards and fliers out there and the business just took off! After about a year, we were making pretty darn good money! Then things changed, life tends to do that! I went through a divorce and had to move so I sold my half of the business to Melody and left the candle business.

Since then, I've had my son who is 4 years old now, but I've missed doing candles! So, I've decided to start my own business back up! It's called "We Make Scents" Candle Co. and I am the sole proprietor this time around! I'm so excited to introduce you to my candles. I'm supporting the local agriculture by using 100% soy wax. My candles are hand poured into 1/2 pint jars and are double scented to ensure your scent lasts longer than candles you buy from a department store, or even Yankee Candles! Most candle manufacturers use 1/2 ounce of scent per 1/2 pint, I use 1 whole ounce! I use zinc core, lead free wicks that really cut down on the black smoke you tend to get with other candles once you've burned them once or twice! My candles burn "clean". I also understand that you may have a container that maybe once had a candle in it that you really like but now the candle is gone! I will fill your container with a new candle with your choice of color/scent and just charge you by the ounce! My prices are $6.00 per 1/2 pint jar candle. If you need to refill a container, I'll need to see it and quote you a price. Once you've bought 10 candles, your 11th one is FREE! I will start selling candles as of March 1st! On that date, just come back here. I will post a scent list then. I can ship your candles to your door so I'll need your zip code to quote you the cost for shipping.

If there is a scent that you really like, leave me a comment and let me know what it is so I can make sure to order it! Thank you and I hope you'll become a customer, and a friend!




  1. I like dessert based scents,as well as a cotton or linen scent.

    1. Dessert scents like Sugar Cookie, Baked Apple Pie, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Cake and Gingerbread? You have to give me specific scents so I can make a list of scents I need to order! LOL Thanks Kelli!

  2. How cool! What a fun business. I think it's great you started it up again. Wishing you much luck on it. I look forward to reading more about your adventures. So nice to find you on voiceBoks!

  3. Following you back, Tammy!

    Amy & Dugar and Spice

  4. following back! I love candles and have way too many!

  5. Kathy is everywhere!! I love it haha. Anyway, I love candles too. I had one that smelled like would fill the air with such a sweet scent, I loved it.

  6. The candles sound lovely. I pray you do well with this.
    Little Susie Home Maker

  7. Good luck with the candle making business :)

    ...Tracy @ HuckleBee Hollow...